Share your own ethnic food story! It could be any food, dish, recipe, memory that has significance for you personally, for your family or for your wider community. Post us a picture of you cooking it and tell us what makes it yours. The link here will take you to a short questionnaire to help you do that in some 5 minutes or so.

One stream of our research, which we have been working on in the summer of 2022, is applied. With the generous support of our funding partners and with the practical instruction within the Designing London’s Recovery Programme, we have been designing a community intervention based on ethnic food and ethnic food shops, and we have been prototyping it in practice (adapting as we go along) to create a template for community engagement – and Building Stronger Communities (one of the three missions within DLR’s portfolio).

Source: Own.

The design of the prototype we have been playing with, rests on three key interventions:

  1. Engage with local residents in the community we are working with and invite them to share stories of ethnic food that has significance to them personally or within their communities;
  2. Connect with ethnic food shops on the local high street and with ethnic food entrepreneurs online to compare recipes and find the ingredients to cook them;
  3. Explore, cook and enjoy!

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