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  • Recipes from Home | A Recipe Co-cooking Project

    Recipes From Home By Richa Gandhi | Service Designer I fondly remember days before the festival of Diwali when my mother, aunts and grandma used to get together one afternoon and make a Gujarati (Indian) dish – ‘Mathiya’ at home. As a child, I used to cherish those days of prep before Festivals, where there […]

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  • The Project So Far…

    The London Design Festival On Thursday the 22nd of September our research team joined with a collective of other innovators at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. All teams came to showcase the projects they had been working on as part of the Mayor’s Designing London’s Recovery Programme. The programme’s core mission is: Driving […]

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  • Stories of Cooking

    Stories Of Cooking Author: Sarah Sumpter, Research Assistant at Kingston University   “This is a research project focused specifically on bringing communities together on the basis of ethnic food and the ethnic food entrepreneurs like Yvonne, who bring their stories into the food they are making and leave an impact on all of us as […]

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